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Strategic perspectives of companies in the non-alcoholic beverage market

Berlin, October 2008

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The market for non-alcoholic beverages has been undergoing major changes for years. The main factors here are the development of packaging and containers, but also the highly fluctuating and constantly changing raw materials markets and the concentration processes in food retailing. The result is increasing concentration processes among manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages.

This study looks in particular at the markets of the AfG segments water and fruit juice. About one third of the soft drinks segment is also served by mineral springs. The remaining two-thirds of this market segment are largely dominated by the two international groups Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo. This study does not take a closer look at soft drinks, as we are particularly committed to small and medium-sized enterprises and these companies are the focus of our activities.

The basis for this study is a similar work that was already carried out - in part by the same authors - in 1997. At that time, the subject was the change in the market and the corporate landscape due to the introduction of the new PET disposable containers in Germany. The serious changes in individual segments were also the reason for taking another closer look at the market after ten years. In addition, the authors of this study accompany medium-sized companies in these segments during restructuring, long-term strategy development and purchase and sales processes.

The study is basically divided into three larger parts.

The framework is formed by the socio-economic developments that are of importance to the industry. These are topics such as population and household development, development of consumption, etc. Those developments which are of particular importance to the producers of non-alcoholic beverages have been considered in more detail.

In the second part of the study, the market and company types in the mineral water and fruit juice segments in particular are examined in more detail. The market for soft drinks is only considered in passing. We are aware that the submarkets fruit juice, fountains as well as soft drinks increasingly merge with each other in various market-product combinations anyway.

The third part of this study contains checklists that provide companies or the companies' partners, such as banks and other financing partners, with a guide for analyzing strategic market positioning.

Of course, the authors are also personally available for information or further explanations of the study.

The complete industry study can be purchased from us for a price of 250 euros (incl. VAT). For this or for further information please write us an email to: AfG-Studie@unitcell.de