Success needs transparency

unitcell supports you in all aspects of operative and strategic controlling. Together with you we develop your existing controlling instruments according to your particular requirements and help you embed these in your organization and IT systems.

We see ourselves as your contact partner for all operative controlling issues and offer support by developing for you specific, solution-oriented tools and performance measurement systems we make available to your company.

In the short-term, our extensive project experience can lead not only to a significant improvement in the quality of reporting to shareholders and investors, but also to considerable increases in internal transparency and precision of performance measurement.

We at unitcell see ourselves as a sparring partner who takes over (temporarily or case by case) analytical and planning tasks and develops business concepts as well as feasibility studies. Our fields of expertise are:

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of accounting processes, introduction of cost center and cost accounting systems, development of cost allocation processes as well as calculation of customer and product related gross margin considerations,
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of management information systems (MIS) to provide full and timely transparency of all relevant transactions and developments,
  • Development of comprehensive corporate and business area analysis, structured presentation of the operational and financial performance of companies and divisions,
  • Design and implementation of integrated, short-term and strategic business plans including scenario calculations, sector-based targets and budgets (top-down / bottom-up),
  • Preparation of detailed target-variance analysis (more than once a year, if required) of developments in income statement, balance sheet and cash flow, support for the development and creation of meaningful reporting to shareholders and investors and
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of instruments of investment control for the evaluation of investment projects and decision making processes.