Success has to be financed

Terms like "Basel III", "mezzanine", "borrowing base", "off-balance financing" etc. arise from the stricter requirements medium-sized companies face when seeking finance, but such terms also suggest new and varied opportunities. The importance of a coherent corporate finance policy for sustainable success is growing continuously.

In particular, achieving growth step by step, bridging crisis situations and implementing changes in commercial policy depend considerably on a suitable financial strategy. In many cases, the key to success lies not only in getting access to capital or credit facilities. Prior to the raising of additional funds, we develop together with the client a comprehensive and optimally integrated financial strategy.

We provide our clients with exactly the kind of financing they need, enabling them to achieve their strategic goals. We offer you:

  • our comprehensive experience
  • our broad network of experts
  • our recognized cash flow planning models
  • our compact and tailored project documentation
  • invaluable supporting information 

We are also able to propose fee-structures linked to success

About 70% of all unitcell projects have a strong focus on corporate finance. Our cash-flow models, in conjunction with our compact presentation of figures relevant to the financial situation, have proven themselves many times and enjoy a high degree of market acceptance and trust not only among financiers and auditors, but also investors or partners. This allows project success to be achieved quickly and efficiently. Even difficult projects can attract funding, especially if the first approach to the capital market is made professionally.