Success needs structure

What differentiates successful from less successful companies? It is the capacity to adapt permanently to a changing environment.

To achieve top performance or to return to the path of success, companies must be able to rethink their working practices, continually redefine themselves and be ready to leave the beaten track.

Companies are subject to a permanent process of change. Changes in legal frameworks, market or competitive conditions as well as changes in shareholders or management can lead to a need for organizational processes to be adapted.

We consult and accompany your organization in all these areas.

unitcell focuses on the following topics in organizational and information management consulting:

  • Analysis and restructuring of organizational and operational processes
  • Introduction of a process-oriented organizational structure
  • Implementation of process cost accounting
  • Reorganization of business processes
  • Overhead analysis
  • Assessment of information and communication structures
  • Restructuring information and communication management
  • Post-merger integration