Success is a team game

About us at unitcell

unitcell is a top business management consultancy. We are a small, strong team of experts, characterized by – we like to think – a cooperative, productive and completely positive corporate culture.

Every year we conduct internal training on specialized topics to develop consulting skills. We like to offer individual training in accordance with your professional development.

Of course there is sometimes high project pressure on us, demanding a great deal of commitment - occasionally even weekend work. Unlike many other consulting firms, however, we attach great importance to the fact that this is not permanent and that not all work needs categorically to be done at the customer site. A great deal can also be done from our office.

We take on new staff if we are convinced it will be for the long-term. This is probably the reason that we have an unusually low staff turnover for our industry, which pleases us very much.

We can offer you the opportunity to develop your abilities further. You will acquire the skills you need to be a commercial sparring partner to charismatic managers and heads of medium-sized enterprises on the most sophisticated business issues.

You will be able to lead complex, interdisciplinary projects or accompany and put your stamp on the development of commercial enterprises on a long-term and continuous basis. We are happy to assist you in pursuing goals and ideas of your own which add to the consulting process.

Should you be interested, we would be delighted to hear from you. We would appreciate you sending your complete set of application documents to Ms. Katalin Titulski.