In the past decade and a half German engineering has generated record figures and overcome every obstacle it was confronted with. Even startling commodity price increases and the unfavorable euro/dollar exchange rate for exports have not been able to slow the growth.

The crises of the decade, characterized by the internet bubble, the events of 11 September 2001 and the financial crisis, have certainly led to short-term declines, but not to long-term setbacks. Only twice in the last 15 years has the industry had to struggle to reach the industry-standard capacity of 86.5%. As a result, the engineering sector has become a model industry in the German industrial landscape.

The heterogeneous structure of the industry includes one unusual feature. 87% of companies are small to medium-sized. Such companies, however, tend to be more vulnerable than large firms because they have fewer opportunities to diversify their activities and thus their risks. The dependence of their economic development on only a few customers in a few customer segments and sales regions is more pronounced than is the case for larger companies and corporations.

The experienced unitcell team supports small and medium-sized engineering companies in the following areas:

  • Economic analysis and / or creation and plausibility check of business plans
  • Full assistance in the search for funding partners for such as project financing
  • Strategy and marketing consultancy (creation of market and competition analyses, strategy development and implementation)
  • Finance and controlling (increasing yield etc.)
  • Optimising organisation (maximising capacity)