Effective crisis management is proven, fast and tailor-made

The causes of company crises are manifold and various. Successful crisis management requires a clear and rapid assessment of the situation. We understand each crisis as an opportunity to break down rigid structures and to recalibrate the company on a long-term basis.

unitcell management consulting makes the precise extent of the individual crisis transparent and formulates the most important steps to be taken. We assist companies in stressful crisis situations with professionalism and our many years of know-how. As an independent third party, we balance the interests of various stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, employees and financial partners. Only the constructive cooperation of these parties increases the chances of sustainable restructuring and a successful turnaround.

unitcell was established primarily as a consulting and management specialist for the restructuring and reorganization of small and medium-sized businesses. Our results from more than 100 projects so far in this field speak for themselves:

  • securing several hundred million euro of equity
  • securing external financing of well over one billion euro
  • securing more than ten thousand jobs
  • securing the independence of many companies
  • securing substantial private shareholder wealth
  • managing ownership transfers and successions

For more information, please feel free to view our brochure on the subject.