Success can be bought

Purchasing a competitor, integrating a supplier or customer, opening up new markets or extending your range of services - the strategic reasons for acquisitions are as varied as life itself.

Are you looking for the solution to a difficult company succession? Do you only want to sell parts of your business and focus the corporate portfolio on core business and value-creating activities? It is the same for sales as for purchases: the success of the transaction is crucial for sustainable and profitable company growth.

However, few companies achieve their stated growth and value creation goals through business transactions. More than half of all deals lead in the long run to declining profitability and asset impairment.

Whether as a share or asset deal - a takeover confronts executives with diverse challenges to be overcome even as normal operational business continues. Corporate transactions often present an extraordinary challenge for medium-sized companies, for whose optimal solution there is generally a lack of experience and background. Here an experienced consultant can contribute significantly to sustainable success.

Unlike many M & A advisors, unitcell consultants never lose sight of client objectives and strategies when managing the deal. The conclusion of the deal itself, the usual target of M & A consultancy, should in our opinion always be subordinate to client wishes.

unitcell will advise you throughout your M & A project in a comprehensive manner. We will accompany you through each phase of the project itself and provide the additional expertise of our partners in tax and legal matters as and when necessary.

If the transaction is completed successfully the challenges increase for the buyer. During the post-merger integration phase it is crucial to combine functions, processes, systems and cultures as rapidly as possible, to achieve the planned increase in value without losing the momentum of the existing business. Even in this difficult period, we can provide guidance and support, whether in implementing your business strategy or realizing anticipated synergies and growth potential.