Transaction consulting delivers added value

Our transaction consulting provides customers with added value, particularly in the following areas:

  • Review of the deal in terms of its benefit to business development and corporate strategy, definition and monitoring of the objectives to be achieved or termination scenarios (deal breaker)
  • A straightforward, realistic assessment of the transaction object and definition of price scenarios
  • Structuring and management of an orderly M & A process
  • Development of an optimal deal structure for corporate strategy and risk mitigation
  • Objective and professional imaging of market and/or company specifics when determining purchase price
  • Risk-based management of information flow between the transaction partners and support in preparation and selection of this information
  • Translation of business, legal and fiscal risk in the transaction agreements (in cooperation with tax advisers and lawyers)
  • Maintaining the required distance between buyer and seller for the best outcome to the negotiations
  • Objective assessment of both negotiating position and room for manoeuvre of negotiating counterparty
  • Documentation of M & A process
  • Monitoring and controlling the implementation of the deal after completion
  • Protecting the core business from risks that could arise from the transaction or the transaction object
  • Securing comfortable financing of transaction and communication with funding partners