unitcell workshop for financiers - Perspectives of medium-sized companies in the food industry

Duty, Freestyle and Failures of Sustainable Corporate Development

The food and beverage industry is generally regarded as a stable sector that is only subject to slow processes of change. However, in addition to short-term market fluctuations, companies in this sector are affected above all by fundamental dynamics that require permanent strategic adaptation.

At this year's workshops on the food industry, we discussed this issue with invited guests from the world of finance with experience in the sector, and used examples to discuss experiences and approaches to action. Of course, the current Russian import embargo and its effects were also a topic of discussion. In addition to contributions from our company, we were able to win over guest speakers such as Mr. Ingo Noack, Head of Sales at Atradius, to provide the participants with valuable insights, e.g. into the view of a trade credit insurer on the industry, suppliers and the main distribution channels.

In the context of case studies, the participants lively discussed the possibilities to reduce the working capital requirement by means of active complexity management and to optimize the profit situation in the long term without endangering the success factors and unique selling propositions. The participants were unanimous in their assessment that there is still untapped potential in this area for many companies.

Above all, the lively discussion and the exchange of experiences were valuable for our guests and many new contacts were made, as the feedback, which we are very pleased about and which we are happy to pass on to you in the following excerpts, showed:

"Interesting perspectives ... outside the bank - customer - relationship."
Berliner Sparkasse

"Great workshop - very practice-oriented!"
Berliner Volksbank

"Good event that provided many impulses for one's own work. Elsewhere you may have to pay a lot of money for such content."
HSH Nordbank

"Rating: valuable"
Nord LB