Lecture event with Edgar Most

The customer event on September 10, 2009 was held under the motto "20 years of German unity - from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the global economic crisis. It was devoted to Edgar Most's highly acclaimed book "Fifty years on behalf of capital - Is there a third way?" on the reconstruction of the East, monetary union and the consequences of deindustrialization, as well as to other topical issues of German economic policy.

The financial expert Edgar Most was born in 1940 and grew up in Tiefenort, between the Rhön Mountains and the Thuringian Forest. He completed a banking apprenticeship in Bad Salzungen and later became the youngest bank director in the GDR at the age of 26. At the end of 1989, he became Vice President of the State Bank of the GDR. On March 19, 1990, Most founded Deutsche Kreditbank AG, the first private bank in the GDR. And as the first (and so far only) East German, he eventually rises to the top of Deutsche Bank. When he retires in 2004, the press writes that nearly one in three jobs in eastern Germany is directly or indirectly linked to his work.

For all participants, the lecture was a piece of lived history. The discussion with Edgar Most, moderated by Mr. Rüdiger Sandkötter (Head of Investment & Finance Center, Deutsche Bank AG), was exciting and highly interesting. The response to this event was extremely positive.